Coronavirus Update (Live)

Coronavirus Update (Live) Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance, 205 countries and territories around the world

Coronavirus Update (Live)
Coronavirus Update (Live)

Coronavirus Update (Live)

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last updated Friday 1 May 2020

Coronavirus Cases:3,322,926

Deaths: 234,408

Recovered: 1,050,430

The worldwide community is racing to back off and eventually stop the spread of COVID-19, a pandemic that has asserted thousands of lives and sickened a huge number of others. In Africa, the virus has spread to dozens of countries within weeks. Governments and health authorities across the continent are striving to limit widespread infections.

Since the beginning of the flare-up the World Health Organization (WHO) has been supporting African governments with early detection by providing thousands of COVID-19 testing kits to countries, training dozens of health laborers and strengthening surveillance in communities. Forty-seven countries in the WHO African region would now be able to test for COVID-19. Toward the beginning of the episode only two could do as such.

WHO has issued guidance to countries, which is regularly updated to consider the evolving situation. The guidelines include measures, for example, quarantine, repatriations of citizens and preparedness at work environments. The Organization is also working with a system of specialists to coordinate regional surveillance efforts, epidemiology, modeling, diagnostics, clinical care and treatment, and other approaches to recognize, deal with the disease and limit widespread transmission.

WHO is providing remote support to influenced countries on the utilization of electronic information tools, so national health authorities can all the more likely understand the episode in their countries. Preparedness and response to past pandemics is providing a firm foundation for some African countries to handle the spread of COVID-19.

Significantly, fundamental protection gauges by individuals and communities remain the most amazing asset to forestall the spread of COVID-19. WHO is helping neighborhood authorities make radio messaging and television spots to inform the general population about the risks of COVID-19 and what measures ought to be taken. The Organization is also helping to counter disinformation and is guiding countries on setting up call focuses to ensure the general population is informed